Moves are afoot, yet again, to impose a leads-only rule on dog in Haringey’s parks.


There doesn’t seem to be anything on the council’s website yet, but here’s a link to a recent report in the Muswell Journal



There seem to be too issues involved, fouling and dangerous dogs. But in my opinion a leads-only rule will not solve either. Responsible dog owners, and our pets, will be penalised, while the problem owners will simply flout the law.

It would make much more sense to enforce the rules we already have, but as we all know, that is simply not happening.

Please let you local councillors know, and the council lead for the environment, Cr Canver

Here are the addresses for the Alexandra Ward councillors, pls add details for other wards and spread the word about the proposals, and the Albert Paws website to others so we can nip this nonsense in the bud.


Here are the relevant addresses:






Thanks, and happy new year.





The capital’s canines buck bulging trend

There’s a worrying story in today’s papers about the number of dogs that are now overweight. The good news is that London is the only area to show a small drop in the number of paunchy pets.


It’s another good reason to fight for their right to have a run off the lead.


Thanks to Poirot for sending letting us know about the recent draft Minutes – from the Haringey website:

The council’s Street Enforcement Manager provided an overview of the
work of the service in relation to dogs including dealing with strays,
fouling and dangerous dogs and encouraging responsible dog
ownership. One method of achieving this was the use of Dog Control
Orders, which would allow the council to put restrictions on dogs in local
areas as required including options for a complete bans or requiring
dogs to be kept on leashes etc. Before any Orders could be put in place,
wide consultation would have to be carried out and appropriate signage
and methods for enforcement in place, mainly the use of Fixed Penalty
Notices for non-compliance. Confirmation was provided from the Leader
of the council that Orders would not be required in all areas of the
borough and would be widely consulted on before any were put in place
as it was recognised that most dog owners were responsible.
In relation to dangerous dogs i.e. those not under the control of their
owners, only a handful of incidents had been reported in the area and all
had been actioned. This was mainly by the Police Dangerous Dog Unit
as the main enforcement team with the power to seize dogs, with
investigative support provided by the council. A responsible dog
ownership scheme was also being run this month, with details on the
council website. Residents were also encouraged to report incidents of
potential dangerous dogs to the council, which was vital to enable
enforcement action to be taken where needed.


Albert Paws is in the news. This week’s Muswell Journal quotes Stuart on the nuttiness of imposing a borough-wide leads-only rule and mentions the blog. Brilliant. Well done Stuart! Think we all need to keep an eye on this one. In what is becoming an all too familiar scenario, a Lib Dem councillor (this time it’s Martin Green, Fortis Green) is quoted talking about residents fears without offering a shred of evidence of a problem. We know the vast majority of dog owners are responsible and the vast majority of local dogs are much-loved family pets. Let’s make sure our views are heard.

Here’s a link to the story in full.

Dangerous Dogs Phone Number

Following the recent link to the Danger Dogs article, this phone number was given for concerned people to call: 0300 123 1212.

If anyone is aware of dangerous dogs in a park, which are not causing an imminent danger, they are asked to call police on their non emergency number on 0300 123 1212.


The Hornsey Journal has reported a nasty dog on dog attack at Priory Park. Local councillors are reported as considering a ‘leads-only’ rule which would seem to to punish responsible owners without actually addressing the problem.

www.hornseyjournal.co.uk – Danger Dogs article


The Friends of Albert Road Recreation Ground are always keen to promote the park and organise different activities. So why don’t we get something going?

We could have a doggy day and stage our own competitions – cutest canine, best dressed, smartest … If there are any prizes being handed out for most willful Messi is a shoe in!

Speaking of prizes, I’m sure we could persuade the pet shop to chip in. Maybe the RSPCA would like to be involved. It would also be a great way to promote responsible ownership and provide an opportunity for people who don’t own dogs, but are thinking of getting one, to talk to other owners and check out different breeds, or combos.

Any thoughts?